Hey there. Welcome to Healthy Heart Vibes! I’m Beth, a working mom of 2, and I love both of my full-time jobs (re: mom and market researcher). I truly believe that I am a better mom because of my career, and I’m a better employee because I’m a mom. The two should compliment each other, not compete against each other. But the only way that can happen is if we support one another. So that’s what this community is here to do.

My goal is for this site to be a meaningful outlet that you can go to for new ideas, motivation, and support. I will share resources and advice from experts, life hacks to make self-care easier, and stories on what it’s like to be a working mom from women who are living the dream.I’m also an advocate for doing things that make you happy. And pineapples, palm trees, and the beach make me happy. So I’m going to include them on my pages often.


Download my free working mom self-care guide! It’s sometimes hard to even allow yourself to focus on your needs a busy working mom. We go from mom mode to work mode 24/7. There’s no time for luxuries like working out, reading a book, or grabbing drinks with a friend. At least that’s what we’re led to believe.

Of course there’s time for all those things! We just have to be strategic in identifying what adjustments can be made to benefit our health and wellness. You know the saying: self-care is not selfish. We are all better parents, partners, friends, and colleagues when we take the time to focus on ourselves. So join us on the self-care movement where saying yes to yourself is totally acceptable, and encouraged.

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