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Website Optimization
and Branding Services
for Small Businesses

Branding for Beginners

Boost your website and your brand with done-for-you SEO and copywriting. Attract new customers with white hat SEO strategies combined with a unique stress-free personal branding approach.

Follow the branding blog or subscribe to the branding newsletter to learn basic tasks that you can implement on your own. Personal branding doesn’t have to be a scary, daunting thing. Let’s build your business together.

Beth Backes Branding…
A branding small business that does things differently. It’s not all about the technical stuff. It’s about the story behind each business and its impact on the world.

I believe that SEO and branding should be approached holistically, taking into account not only technical optimization and keyword research, but also the unique brand story and values of each individual small business.

It’s important to create content that speaks directly to the target audience’s interests, while also ensuring that the website is technically sound and optimized for search engines. A stress-free, transparent approach to SEO is key to building long-term, sustainable success in search engine rankings.

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Increase Organic Traffic

Reach a better audience. Genuine visitors finding your site naturally on search engines – the key to sustainable online success. No ads, just relevance.

Spend Less on Advertising

Personal branding mixed with SEO is the best free marketing strategy! Enhanced brand visibility means fewer paid ads and long-term traffic without high ad spend.

Improve Brand Reputation

Build trust online and higher rankings on search engines. Positive user experience and valuable content establish credibility over time.

My purpose:
Helping small businesses get found online the smart way.

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