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Beth Backes mindfulness teacher practicing yoga in the park
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Hi mindful friend, nice to meet you!

I am the creator of the Mindful Living Made Easy stress management system and host of Mindful Actions podcast and blog. I am a plant-based, meditating, tea drinking, yogi mom who just wants to spread joy in the world.

I empower women to embrace life and all that it has to offer through mindfulness and meditation. I am a certified mindfulness meditation teacher with additional trauma-informed care training experience. My goal is not to teach everyone shortcuts on how to “just be happy”. Instead, I will teach you how to look inward for self discovery to learn and grow where it counts the most in your life.

Mindfulness and meditation is something that has interested me all of my life, but I wasn’t able to tap into its power until a few years ago. Once I discovered it, I knew it was my calling. I could feel it. I knew that sharing the joy of being present and experiencing life in its entirety with the world was my true purpose in life. I have been a featured speaker on The Career Mom Podcast, WATH 97. 1, Live Healthy Appalachia, and the Pawpaw Festival.

I teach meditation in-person at The Body Shop & Spa in Athens, Ohio, as well as virtual meditations to anywhere in the world through private appointments, the podcast, and live events on social media.

I started my meditation studio during the pandemic. Mindfulness and meditation were becoming a huge trends, and quite frankly, they saved me when I was postpartum in the pandemic. But, I quickly realized that while they are popular topics, people want to practice them on their own time, not in a vulnerable group class. Meditation can be a very private thing, and I want to honor that ideology.

So what do women really need? We need to be given permission to slow down, reflect, and look in-ward, which a lot of us don’t have time to fully-commit to our own self discovery. We also need a safe space for acceptance to work through some stuff when our minds are too active. Especially in the online world where imposter syndrome and comparison syndrome are in full-force, I am here for you.

The idea for this community has been a goal of mine for quite some time now. But when a beloved family member passed away from breast cancer a few years ago, I knew I could not hold back any longer and I was absolutely inspired by her strength. Reflecting on her life and the undeniably beautiful impact she had on so many people gave me the courage to begin helping others and sharing the love. She was a young, vibrant, beautiful, healthy woman. So while I often use humor and sarcasm in my writing, I want you to know that this business is inspired by, and dedicated to, Becky and all of the strong, beautiful cancer warriors out there. ❤︎

Mindful Meditation Certified

Beth is certified in mindfulness meditation through the Yoga Renew Teacher Training. She trained with Rajaa Azouqa, a world renowned practitioner in Toronto, Canada. Beth has also participated in meditation retreats with Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

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