How Staying off Social Media Has Improved My Mindset on Weekends

Most of the time, I practice unplugging and staying off social media on weekends. Scrolling Instagram does not equal worthwhile self-care time. Especially if you use it as part of your job or business. Your mind never takes a break and it makes it even harder to separate yourself from work mode.

Ultimately, it’s not that hard to do on weekends since I’m so busy with the family, and now I’m able to recognize the habits that were depleting my free-time. I used to find myself plopping down on the couch as soon as the kids went down for nap and scrolling social the entire time. Then I’d be bummed I didn’t get any “me time” or anything accomplished while the kids were asleep, which as a result, would affect my afternoon mood and my patience with the kids.

So now, depending on how the morning goes, I take note of what would serve me best while the kids are either sleeping or occupied. Sometimes the answer is really that I just need to put my feet up, take some deep breaths, close my eyes, and listen to an audiobook (or if you’re a napper…nap). Other times, I will feel refreshed and my best if I listen to some tunes, get some housework done, workout, meal prep, or call a friend. It all depends on the day, the kids’ moods, and my mood.

During the work week, us working moms have to plan every single minute in order to get to daycare, meetings, practices, meals, and bedtime on time. So my piece of advice is to try letting it all go on the weekends. Don’t plan every single minute or activity. Enjoy the time you have with the family, and don’t let your free-time slip away with mindless social media scrolling that won’t make you feel any better about yourself.

Self-care is not about doing nothing and wasting time. It’s about whatever brings your mind to the present and makes you feel more confident and energized to just be you. A new TikTok recipe isn’t going to make you feel the same way as being in tune with your body and your needs….even if you think you NEED to try the baked feta pasta. So next weekend when you’re temped to start scrolling, stop, reflect on your day, and do something that will address your needs and improve your mindset.

What’s your favorite way to spend your kid-free time on the weekends?

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