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You are so awesome. I’m so glad you’re here! You’ve earned this totally free checklist to set you off on an amazing inner-peace journey. Mindful Actions is here to help you along the way.

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Save this document wherever you’ll be most likely to look at it regularly. If you’re on a phone, hold your finger down on the image to save it to your device. If you’re on a computer, you know what to do! Here’s a PDF version for you too.

Mindful Actions Ebook

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Use this doc to track how your daily habits can influence your mindset and your outlook on life. Then don’t forget to journal how you’re feeling after each week! Don’t try to do all of these all at once. Gradually add in a few at a time.

Set a few alarms or reminders on your phone for the things that you’ll be most likely to forget (like hydrating!) throughout the day. See if it starts to get easier the more you do it by the end of the week. Then try again the next week! Ready, set, go!

Check in with me on social media or respond to one of my Mental Notes emails and let me know how it’s going! Cheers!

Weekly Mindset Checklist PDF

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