The confidentiality of journaling and trusting others with your thoughts

The Confidentiality of Journaling and Trusting Others With Your Thoughts

Do you journal? Do you have a place you write down thoughts or reminders? I’ve had various ways I’ve jotted things down over the years. Sometimes it’s been digital notes on my phone, sometimes it’s been a notebook, and sometimes it’s a beautiful goal-oriented expensive AF journal that lays out all of my hopes and dreams. Right now, I’m into the latter, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s kicking my butt into gear!

I have some big things planned for you around journaling, but in the meantime, I have a serious question. How do you feel about adding your contact info to your journal or daily/life planner?

I track everything in my journal. Habits, schedule, goals, mood, and personal thoughts. What if you lost your journal? Would you identify yourself by name so someone could contact you, or would you rather be left anonymous? Head over to the blog and let's chat about our feelings on journaling, confidentiality, and anonymity.

My favorite one has a page to fill out contact info and says “if found, please contact….”, and the thought of this makes me extremely uneasy. If I were to lose my journal/life planner/goal keeper, would I really want a stranger to not only have my name, but also some of my most personal thoughts and goals? I have been doing some extreme soul searching over the past year, a lot has changed in my life and mindset, and I have some of my biggest goals ahead of me that I’ve ever attempted to reached for. I cannot even imagine someone having insight into all of that. And then either calling me up and saying hey, I found this thing of yours, and then constantly worry about what they now know about me.

But on the flip side, maybe having my name and contact info in it would actually prevent someone from looking through it. Instead of flipping through pages to find a way to identify who’s it is, it’s right there on the first page. Done and done. No reason to look at my daily schedule to figure out if we they can track me down (note: I live in a very small college town, someone could EASILY figure out what department I work for and where my office is by just looking at my schedule and some of my reminders).

Oh wait, I just answered my own question. Name or no name on the 1st page, if someone wanted to figure out who’s it was, it would be pretty darn easy to find me. Plus, I know most of the local business owners by name that I frequent. So if I were to leave my journal on a table after stopping in for coffee, I would get a personal text or DM. And I know those folks wouldn’t look through it if they found a name on the front.

Don’t you just love when you figure out your own problem just by chatting it out? And here I am worried about what someone will think about me after reading through my journal, and I’m publishing my own thought process on the internet. Ok, well, thanks for talking through this dilemma with me. Same time, same place next week for my next session?

But I’d still like to know your thoughts on putting your name on your journal or planner. If you live in a metropolitan area where it would be harder to be identified, would you want to add your name? I’m super curious about everyone’s take on this!

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