I began my mindfulness journey during a midnight nursing session with my 2nd daughter while postpartum in the beginning of the pandemic. As I was sitting in the rocking chair falling asleep and stressing about my life, I knew something had to change. MY MINDSET HAD TO CHANGE! It was time. As I sat there in the middle of the night, I found my first ever meditation on YouTube, tried it out, and to simply say that it helped would be an understatement. My life was completely changed in that moment. For the better.

And now it’s YOUR turn! Time to start focusing on YOU. Join me and learn the Mindful Living Made Easy method to begin incorporating simple mindfulness strategies into your busy, everyday life. Just one step is all it takes. I’ll help you the rest of the way. Check out the options below to start your mindfulness journey!

The Success Studio

The Mindful Living Made Easy

Gratitude Experience

$50 $27

Join the mindfulness and gratitude movement by participating in this essential online course. What you get in the experience:

  • 5 modules on different gratitude and mindfulness topics
  • 5 pre-recorded meditations on the module topic
  • 5 journaling and self-reflection activities
  • 2 mantra meditations
  • 1-month gratitude journal (PDF)
  • 2 bonus podcast episodes on gratitude

Mindfulness Stress Management

Monthly Challenge

The fall 2022 challenge has completed. Sign up for the January waitlist and be the first to hear about the next session registration opening! Don’t want to wait for January? Subscribe to the podcast (for free!) for weekly mindfulness content right to your inbox!

This stress reduction challenge will jump-start your mindfulness journey. Learn to identify simple mindfulness strategies that will work for you and your busy lifestyle to help relieve stress and anxiety. You don’t have to build more time into your day to practice being more mindful. It will begin to just happen naturally. This signature program offers easy ways to shift your focus and thought pattern to achieve real success in creating a more stress-free life.

This month-long challenge is offered in January, May, and October.

What’s Included:

  • daily affirmation & content sent to your inbox
  • daily topic introduction (pre-recorded, 3-5 minutes each)
  • daily meditations (pre-recorded, approx. 5 minutes each)
  • mindset shift workbook + tracker sheet

Monthly Challenge Waitlist

Join the monthly challenge waitlist and be notified first of the next registration opening. The challenge is offered in January, May, and October each year.

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The Mindful Living Made Easy

6-Week Intensive

Get ready to feel a sense of inner-peace surrounding confidence, stress management, body positivity, and self worth through positive affirmations, meditations and journaling. As your mindset coach, I am ready to be your cheerleader along the way. My coaching sessions are built to feel like long-lost friends chatting over coffee or wine. I bring a bright attitude to every coaching session helping you to feel at ease and allowing the stress to just melt away.

So are you ready to begin the mindset work to feel happy and confident with who are? And are you ready to get rid of self-doubt and criticism for good? If you’re saying YES, then this program is for you, and I’m SO excited to join you on this journey. The mindset shift intensive will help you ask the tough questions to reframe your mindset to live your best life.

What’s included:

  • Choose your focus: self-image or stress management
  • Virtual meet & greet session
  • Bi-weekly mindfulness check-in sessions (virtual)
  • Mindfulness workbook to enhance focus, align goals, and track progress
  • Weekly pre-recorded guided meditations
  • Ongoing chat support on Voxer or Google Chat
  • 1-month gratitude journal + meditation bundle
  • Personalized positive affirmations

Live Stream Guided Meditations & Journaling

Starting in November, my virtual guided meditations & journaling sessions will be held live on TikTok and Instagram weekly. Follow me on social for the schedule and weekly updates. I love the mindfulness social media community and can’t wait to make online meditations more accessible to everyone.