A busy mom's life hack guide: how to workout when you don't have time for a workout

How to workout when you don’t have time to workout

Old me: If I don’t have enough time for a full workout it isn’t worth it. Just skip it.

New me: This water is going to take 10 mins to boil? Let’s do some crunches, planks, and babybell lifts (that’s what I call sets of lifting my 20 pound baby instead of a kettlebell).

Old me: Ugh, I feel like I’m wasting time straightening my hair.

New me: Squats while straightening! Woo!

Getting in sporadic workout moves has helped improve my healthy mindset immensely. I used to feel let down and like a failure if I didn’t fit in my workout, and I’d easily use the excuse that I didn’t have enough time to workout, shower, and get ready, so why even bother. But let’s be real, if my goal is to workout at 5:30 and the baby wakes up at 5:15, I didn’t fail and I didn’t balk out with an excuse. I’m a mom.

But now I love those few minutes throughout the day that get my blood pumping. Not only do I feel healthier (both physically and mentally), but I feel more productive. Multitasking at its finest. Do what you gotta do, busy mom. Get those heart-pumping moves in whenever you’re inspired to do so. We got this.

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