39. Learning To Trust Your Instincts With Mindfulness

Do you trust your intuition? Do you feel like your gut feelings are protecting you, or holding you back? Learn about some of the different responses and feelings surrounding how to be aware of your instincts with me this week. The meditation portion will dive into the effects of a blocked third eye chakra and how to be more open to your intuition. Plus, here how my intuition lead me to experience some great things this week!  MINDFUL...

38. Strengthen Your Relationships with Mindfulness and Self Identity

We're having a nice, lighthearted conversation this week. Let's sit down and have a friendly chat. We're going to start off with us just pretending we're having coffee and catching up. Use this time to help you identify what you need the most in relationships, what you might be missing, and how you respond to others. Mindfulness helps with self discovery and self love. Improving your relationships starts within. Once you better understand your...

37. The Struggle With Self Acceptance

Self love, self confidence, self esteem, and self acceptance. Call it whatever you want, but the most asked question about this is how do we get more of it? This week we talk about a strategy you can use to help identify where the self doubt comes from, and how you can switch your perspective around into self love for growth.  MINDFUL ACTION: Practice the backtracking strategy to identify the reason why you're feeling down about yourself...

36. Live a Good Life with Manifestation and Hard Work

There are no guarantees in life. So, let's talk about how to show up for your life by combining hard work and manifestation to reach your goals and your dreams. The best outlook on life comes from both of these. You won't live a happy life if you only rely on hard work, or if you only rely on manifestation/prayer. Both play a huge part in happiness and quality of life.  Mindful Action: Notice when you are a little bit more hopeful and...

35. How to Validate Your Feelings and Emotions

Mindfulness and meditation teachers often say the phrase “your feelings are valid”. But what does that actually mean? We’re going to break it down and learn how to apply this concept to our everyday lives and interpret the emotional regulation of the ups and downs that we experience. The mindfulness quote I mentioned in the meditation is from mindful.org.  This weeks mindful action: Log and track your emotions multiple times each...

34. Productivity, Procrastination, and Mindfulness

We all procrastinate on some things in life. Whether it's more task-oriented or self care-oriented. Mindfulness can help with that! Focusing on being present and knowing what would be most beneficial in this moment will help you understand your intentions behind procrastination. Let's practice intentional procrastination this week and work on being more productive. --- Support this podcast:

33. Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

We're covering an important topic this week to make sure mindfulness and meditation is inclusive and accessible to everyone. We'll answer questions like what is trauma sensitive mindfulness, or what is trauma-informed mindfulness. In summary, it's recognizing that a traumatic event may be triggered through mindfulness and meditation when someone is recalling memories or certain feelings. One of the steps covered in this episode is how forcing...

32. How To Be More Present And Stop Living A Boring Life

Most of the time, we don't pay attention to our lives. We just go about our daily routines without putting much thought into our actions. In episode 32, let’s explore the little everyday tasks we can start paying more attention to and being more present for. Tuning into the seemingly boring parts of life can actually make life more fun and exciting! --- Support this podcast:

5-Minute Meditation For Focus and Stress Relief (Bonus Episode)

Here is a simple guided transcendental meditation, or mantra meditation, for beginners to help you deepen your practice and your focus. We will recite the mantra Sat Nam, which means "I am truth" or "truth is my essence". Listen to episode 31, "Why Is Meditation So Hard", for ideas on connecting this meditation to how and why we focus for stress relief and anxiety.  --- Support this podcast:

31. Why Is Meditation So Hard?

How do I empty my mind? That's a common question, and misconception about meditation. Meditation actually causes you to get into your head. It doesn't make you clear your mind, it makes you stop and think. It makes you think about you and your life, the impact you have on the world, and the impact the world has on you. So this week we're talking about why meditation is so hard. I will be publishing two more short meditations this week, one on...

30. Mindfulness When Experiencing Overwhelm

Break down the RAIN method of mindfulness this week to beat out stress and feeling overwhelmed. The RAIN method is about recognizing, allowing, investigating, and nurturing. Let's discuss how just slightly reformatting the words you say to yourself can totally shift your mindset. The words you say to yourself, and others, matter. Mindset matters. --- Support this podcast:

29. Mindfulness for Confusion and The Grey Areas of Life

Even the most mindful, open-minded people can find themselves thinking in terms of black and white. This week, we're learning how the grey matter in our brains is affected when we connect with our past and learn to grow through our traumas. Mindfulness improves your brain function. Let's talk about it! --- Support this podcast:

28. Dealing with Jealousy through Mindfulness

Comparison is the thief of joy. Just because someone else has something doesn’t mean it’s something you need in your life too. Mindfulness can help you forget about comparing your life to others by identifying the things that are best for you and your current situation. But don’t forget, if you’re ready for a change in your career, Mindful Actions can help you. Head over to Career Studio to take the next step toward a career you’ve...

27. Distractions and Focusing Your Attention

Noticing when you're distracted and aren't focusing on the correct things in the moment is one of the basic fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation. We try a concept this week called divided attention, by Biet Simkin, author of "Don't Just Sit There!". We break down how to observe yourself and your reaction to something in order to change the impact your presence makes on that moment.  Also, a quick note to my listeners, thank you for voting...

26. Mindfulness and Time Management

Do you ever catch yourself doing something that you're not even enjoying, but you're just doing it because that's what you always do? Mindfulness can help you with time management when you become more present and notice what you're doing, instead of living on autopilot. Talk with me about a few times I shut down my habits that weren't serving me anymore, and help you to identify those times in your life too.  --- Support this podcast:

25. Shifting Your Comfort Zones

Creating habits doesn't happen overnight. The way you become comfortable with the things that make you uncomfortable is by taking action with one small step at a time. You can create big results from small changes, and that's where the real growth happens in life.  I also uncover why I allow my morning routine to waver, depending on my needs, but we'll talk about journaling, one habit I want us all to get back into this week together....

24. Accepting Compliments

How many times do you shy away from compliments, or downplay accomplishments? We'll begin to break the habit of self doubt this week with mindfulness and being present to create a more confident life.  --- Support this podcast:

23. Personality Types and Mindfulness

We’re talking about my experience with taking the Myers Briggs personality test this week. I have many mixed feelings on using mindfulness different personality traits. --- Support this podcast:

22. Tune In To Your Happy Place…Or Not

So often, we're told just to relax and think about our happy place, but that doesn't work for everyone. In most cases, our lives are different now than they were when we think about specific happy times. Learn with me this week on how we can create a "happiness playlist" to identify the feeling of happiness within us, rather than having to rely on external factors. Let's think about happiness holistically and how it affects our lives as a whole,...

21. Feel your Feelings, Part 2

Take a deeper dive into understanding how to feel clarity and strength through your emotions. You have a strong voice inside of you. Stop using fear to diminish it. Speak up in whatever way feels best, and most useful to you, for the causes that affect you. Let's work together to make the world a better place one deep breath, and one day at a time.  --- Support this podcast:

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