28. Dealing with Jealousy through Mindfulness

Comparison is the thief of joy. Just because someone else has something doesn’t mean it’s something you need in your life too. Mindfulness can help you forget about comparing your life to others by identifying the things that are best for you and your current situation. But don’t forget, if you’re ready for a change in your career, Mindful Actions can help you. Head over to Career Studio to take the next step toward a career you’ve...

27. Distractions and Focusing Your Attention

Noticing when you're distracted and aren't focusing on the correct things in the moment is one of the basic fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation. We try a concept this week called divided attention, by Biet Simkin, author of "Don't Just Sit There!". We break down how to observe yourself and your reaction to something in order to change the impact your presence makes on that moment.  Also, a quick note to my listeners, thank you for voting...

26. Mindfulness and Time Management

Do you ever catch yourself doing something that you're not even enjoying, but you're just doing it because that's what you always do? Mindfulness can help you with time management when you become more present and notice what you're doing, instead of living on autopilot. Talk with me about a few times I shut down my habits that weren't serving me anymore, and help you to identify those times in your life too.  --- Support this podcast:

25. Shifting Your Comfort Zones

Creating habits doesn't happen overnight. The way you become comfortable with the things that make you uncomfortable is by taking action with one small step at a time. You can create big results from small changes, and that's where the real growth happens in life.  I also uncover why I allow my morning routine to waver, depending on my needs, but we'll talk about journaling, one habit I want us all to get back into this week together....

24. Accepting Compliments

How many times do you shy away from compliments, or downplay accomplishments? We'll begin to break the habit of self doubt this week with mindfulness and being present to create a more confident life.  --- Support this podcast:

23. Personality Types and Mindfulness

We’re talking about my experience with taking the Myers Briggs personality test this week. I have many mixed feelings on using mindfulness different personality traits. --- Support this podcast:

22. Tune In To Your Happy Place…Or Not

So often, we're told just to relax and think about our happy place, but that doesn't work for everyone. In most cases, our lives are different now than they were when we think about specific happy times. Learn with me this week on how we can create a "happiness playlist" to identify the feeling of happiness within us, rather than having to rely on external factors. Let's think about happiness holistically and how it affects our lives as a whole,...

21. Feel your Feelings, Part 2

Take a deeper dive into understanding how to feel clarity and strength through your emotions. You have a strong voice inside of you. Stop using fear to diminish it. Speak up in whatever way feels best, and most useful to you, for the causes that affect you. Let's work together to make the world a better place one deep breath, and one day at a time.  --- Support this podcast:

20. Feel Your Feelings Instead of Pushing Them Away

We are all guilty of pushing our feelings aside for one reason or another. Let‘s work on using mindfulness to get past these excuses and barriers so we can be less stressed. The feelings we ignore will continue to come back to haunt us until we deal with them, and these strategies can help with that. --- Support this podcast:

18. Use a Beginner’s Mindset to Reduce Stress

Allow yourself to step away from your problems, and be more productive, by using a beginner's mindset to refocus and see things from a new perspective. Pretend to forget everything you know about whatever you're facing and look at it from fresh, new eyes. Forget about your previous notions, or judgments, about what you're doing and just start fresh. Try it at least once a day with me this week and see how it makes you feel! --- Support this...

17. How to Use Mindfulness to Connect Better with Others

My husband, Aaron, joins us on the podcast this week! We talk about a scenario where we perceived a situation differently and how we used mindfulness to better understand the other persons response. And then we focus on active listening during the meditation so we can work on being better listeners to connect better with others. Happy listening!  --- Support this podcast:

16. Give Yourself a Break and Calm Down

Has it been one of those crazy busy weeks for you too? How about we unplug for 10 minutes and just let ourselves relax with this calming meditation for beginners. Consider it a mental spa day. Forget about your to-do list, and all your responsibilities, and take a break. You work hard and you deserve a break. Join me in this quick meditation on setting meaningful goals and intentions so you can tackle the new week with a fresh new outlook. ...

14. Finding Happiness through Mindfulness

Let's do some soul searching to better understand where true happiness comes from, and how you can create more of it in your life. We are going to identify little things in life that make us happy, and connect how those small pleasures can build into something bigger and better. Choose joy, and live your best life.  --- Support this podcast:

13. Using Meditation to Build Confidence in Decision Making

No two people experience a situation the same way. Your experience is portrayed and processed through your own vision and mind. Don't let anybody take your experiences away from you by trying convince you of the way they experienced it. Own your reality. Create your reality. This is YOUR life. So let's break down together what it's like to be in your own body. Right here, right now.  --- Support this podcast:

12. Living in Gratitude

When life gets hard, our optimism tends fade away. We know deep down this isn't the worst thing in the world, and we'll get through it eventually, but it can be downright hard, right? So let’s practice flipping the narrative and learn to find the good in a situation, however small it may be. --- Support this podcast:

11. Spring Cleaning for Your Mind

We are clearing out the clutter and outdated thoughts that weigh down our bodies and our minds. Do not hold on to memories and feelings that you no longer want to repeat and experience. Let go of the things that no longer serve you. Create a clear and calm mind with me in the meditation this week.  --- Support this podcast:

10. Sticking to your Morals

Let's uncover the beliefs and morals that are important to us to be the best version of ourselves. Look inward though this meditation to better understand if you're truly living a life of example under those beliefs. The more you learn to stick to your gut and be less influenced by others, the more confident you'll be.  --- Support this podcast:

9. Meditation For Stress

Meditation is a life tool to help you calm down when you're stressed. It helps us get through both the good days and the bad days. Meditation helps us learn how our bodies and our minds respond to situations, and then teaches us how to move on and do better. Together, let's practice meditation together and release our stress. --- Support this podcast:

8. Be True to Yourself

People who have known me for a long time are starting to see a whole new side of me. They're seeing the confident side of me, and that's all because I've chosen to share new parts of me with the world. I not longer keep the true me bottled up and hidden from everyone. I've let go of the fear of sharing things that are special to me, and now embrace the idea that sharing is caring. When people know that something is important to me, we all...

7. Celebrate Yourself

I am so, so excited for the episode this week, because this topic just brings me joy. And I hope you feel the same by the end of this meditation. You may not identify your confidence booster the 1st time you listen to it. But I encourage you to reflect on it throughout the week and revisit this podcast as many times as you need to in order to feel the joy building within.  You can shout it from the rooftops, or keep it to yourself. However...

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