Beth Backes | Guest Speaker on the Career Mom Community Podcast: Navigating your career journey

Podcast: Navigating Your Career Journey as a Working Mom

Hello, hello! I have some exciting news! I was a guest on the Career Mom Community Podcast with Debranetta Howard, and we had a great discussion on finding passion in your career, creating boundaries, and changing career direction. So many of us working moms have made transitions in our careers. My path, for instance, went from music teacher, to online degree coordinator, to technology director, to market researcher. One of those things is not like the other…or rather, none of those things is at all like the other. But, each of those jobs allowed me to build upon skills that interested me and were important to me, and because I was allowed freedom in my job to explore those new skills, I was able to follow my heart towards creating a life I was meant to live.

It’s important to acknowledge the different stages in our lives, and allow for change. When I was promoted into the technology director position, I loved my job and the responsibilities that came with it. I enjoyed attending events to represent my office, traveling to conferences, and serving as a main part of the functionality of our department. However, once I had kids, my priorities changed. My purpose wasn’t my career anymore, it was my family. And that’s 100% ok. I saw a shift in myself, and where I wanted my career to go, and I took some chances. And I’m happier than I’ve ever been now.

So take a listen on how this transformation happened, what hurdles and barriers I’ve come across in my career, and how I’ve adapted into being not just a career woman, but a career mom. Because yes, we can be both.

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Let's discuss finding passion in your career, creating boundaries, and changing career direction. It's important to trust yourself and your skills while transitioning from being a career woman to a career mom, becuase yes, we can be both.

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