You are a beautiful career woman trying to balance it all.

I see you working your magic in the office, attempting to maintain a social life, keeping the peace at home, and trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

It’s hard work doing ALL THE THINGS. #respect

I bet you find your mind wandering constantly and have trouble focusing on the things that are most important to you. You are constantly getting side tracked and are forever making sacrifices for others. You make it work, for the most part, but something is still missing.

A piece of you is still missing.
Or, perhaps, it’s the peace IN you that’s missing.


Hi! I’m Beth, and I’ve 100% been in those shoes. I’ve walked down that path feeling the same stress, on the verge of burnout, and thinking “is this it? Is this what I’ve worked so hard for? A nice life that I should be proud of, but everything just feels so unaligned that I don’t even feel like myself anymore? This can’t be the ultimate goal. Right? Dear universe, please send help.”

Well, my plea for help was answered and came to me in the form of mindfulness meditation. Once I discovered how easy it is to incorporate these simple practices into my busy, everyday life, my life went through a complete overhaul. It was a true mindset transformation, and I am now LIVING THE LIFE OF MY DREAMS!

I am a better wife, mom, colleague, and friend because of mindfulness. But more importantly, I feel a strong sense of acceptance, confidence, and true identity within myself now.

I am a better version of myself now that I created a mindful life. I stepped into the soul-altering peace, clarity, and confidence that I now identify with, and that’s the absolute best gift I ever could have received.

And so, I decided to break free from what society tells me my goals and life should look like, and created a life of my own. One where I have more time and freedom to focus on the things that are most important to me.

Live your best life with mindful living. |

Soooo, fast-forward to 2022, and I now own a successful meditation practice, host a wildly popular 10-minute podcast that is my absolute pride and joy, and launched a mindfulness framework that can be adapted into any lifestyle. I am helping women in all stages of life live their best life through simple mindfulness activities, and I just want to say…. CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!? Wow, wow, wow. What a life-altering transformation this has been.

And you know what? All of this is right within arms reach for you too. I know you can feel it. You stayed with me this long. Let’s do this, sister.

If you want to feel peace and clarity again in your life, join me on this mindfulness journey. You will have a support system all along the way. It’s a soul-sister journey that will create transformational change in your life.

If it’s a “Hell yes! I’m with you!”, there are 5 ways we can work together:
  • Listen to my podcast, Mindful Actions, and follow me on Instagram. — DM me to say hi and introduce yourself and I’ll send some positive vibes your way!
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  • Download my Gratitude Meditation Series …and let your journey begin!
  • Book a mindfulness coaching session and let’s dig deep and identify the areas in your life where we can change the narrative from stressful to mindful.
  • Become a hella cool mindfulness rockstar with the Mindful Month Package and receive 4 1:1 personalized coaching sessions + meditations + weekly Monday affirmations + a digital workbook to track your progress of truly stepping into the art of mindful living. It’s the full package, yo!

Cheers to building a life you love, so you can be your best self.


Peace – Love – Om