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Hydration Pro Tip

Fill a couple of glasses of water and put them in areas of the house you spend the most time. And use a {reusable} straw. It’s easier to drink more when you have a straw, right? And if you have kids, they’ll be excited to have an easily-accessible sword at all times.

I’m so good about drinking water during the day while working, but in the evenings? Forget about it. So I started filling a glass and putting it right next to the stove before leaving to pick up the kids from daycare. I’m 100% more likely to sip while I cook when it’s already there for me. I’m so busy from the moment we get home that it’s 9:00PM before I know it, and all I had time for was half a glass at dinner. This trick has definitely helped me stay on track for the 2nd half of the day.

What are your hydration pro tips?

Glass of Water On The Go

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