Embrace Your Weaknesses to Find your Purpose

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Ok, this week on the podcast I get down and dirty and reveal a weakness I’ve always been critical of about myself. It’s something that I’ve always been insecure, vulnerable, and self-conscious about.

It’s my voice.

What? Someone who uses their voice all the time…someone who has literally made a living off their voice considers it a weakness?

100% yup.

I’ve ALWAYS wished my voice was different. It was never good enough, especially when I was using it professionally as a music teacher. Until now, that is. Recently, I figured out how to embrace my weaknesses and learn how to appreciate them and how they’ve actually supported me all along the way. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for my voice. So while I may have considered it a weakness previously, it sure as hell has been a solid foundation I could rely on my whole life.

I talk a lot on this blog and podcast about how I “found my voice” and I “found my power” only in recent years with mindfulness and meditation, but it wasn’t until I published this podcast episode that I realized I’ve been stepping into my voice all my life. I just wasn’t using it in the right way.

So take a listen and be ready to reflect a bit on your own life this week. I’ll pose a few questions to get you thinking about what mindset challenges have been holding you back.

Analyze weaknesses and expect growth. LET’S DO IT! Hit play below!

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Beth Backes

Podcast host and certified meditation teacher. Creator of the Mindful Living Made Easy stress management strategy. Meditating, tea drinking, yogi, mom.

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