Dry July: Why I'm swapping out alcohol for water

Dry July: Why I’m Swapping Alcohol for Water this Summer

Unpopular opinion: I started the “Go Dry In July” challenge. I follow a few heart health organizations on social media who have been promoting this, and I’m hopping on board. For on thing, I am so over the “mom needs a drink” culture. Mom doesn’t need a drink. Mom needs to hydrate and eat healthy so that we’re the best we can be for ourselves, our kids, and our jobs. Alcohol will not help us in any of those aspects.

An ice cold summer drink can be tempting, but alcohol puts unnecessary stress on our bodies, which can be especially damaging in the summer heat. Your mind and body deserve a refresh so you can focus on self-care and being the best you can be. Join me in the dry July challenge!

Plus, I’ve pretty much had no interest in drinking since having children. Alcohol just doesn’t have the same taste to me as it did pre-pregnancy. So luckily all I really need to attempt is to cut out my 1 lite beer a week. I’m a badass working mom who survived a pandemic baby wearing a mask during birth, I’m pretty sure I can handle this. With that said, though, an ice cold summertime drink just hits differently. You never know when that craving will hit while you’re poolside or at a backyard BBQ. Ya, know? But I got this. We’ve all got this.

As with most of my decisions lately, it’s also for health reasons and focusing on self-care. In the rare occasion that I’ve indulged in drinks with friends, it’s left me feeling absolutely horrible. Alcohol affects are no joke after 35. Similar to how I was feeling last week with my sinus infection, or when I’m dehydrated, I 100% hated the way alcohol raised my heart rate and blood pressure. If blood pressure is a concern of mine, how can I knowingly do something that is reversing all of the progress I’ve made?!? Alcohol was putting an unnecessary stress on my body, and there was really no reason for it.

“Why would I want to put something in my body that makes me not have control over my body”?

– My Grandma’s wise words on drinking.

So I challenge you to join me in a dry July. Your mind and body deserve a refresh in this summer heat. Go grab some ice cold fruit-infused water, nosh on some watermelon and pineapple, and we’ll check-in with each other to see how it’s going.

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