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Creating Confidence in Your Decisions with Meditation

How many times have we been confident in a decision only to tell someone about it and immediately begin to doubt ourselves based on their reaction? Yeah? It’s not just me, right?

Ha! See what I did there? I doubted my own statement by looking for validation from others!

Here’s the thing. Everyone sees life differently, even when we’re dealing with the same exact situation. So we have to learn to honor our own thoughts, while still be accepting of other’s opinions or outlooks.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to see the world through someone else’s eyes? How they are seeing a situation, and how are they interpreting it? It’s so interesting to think about.

Next time you’re out in public, I challenge you to just sit for a few moments and think about how the people around you are seeing the exact same thing you are, but it’s affecting them in a totally different way.

And then think about yourself. How is this experience affecting me? What am I seeing and feeling at this moment? See your life through your own eyes, and don’t let other people’s perceptions influence the image your mind has painted for you.

You own your thoughts. Be mindful and honor them.

No two people experience a situation the same way. Your experience is portrayed and processed through your own vision and mind. Don’t let anybody take your experiences away from you by trying convince you of the way they experienced it. This is YOUR life. Honor and protect your thoughts, because your opinions matter. So let’s break down together what it’s like to be in your own body. Right here, right now. 

Listen to the podcast this week and let’s hear some scenarios of this playing out. And then let’s meditate on it because, hey, that’s what we do, friend!


Peace – Love – Om

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