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Mindful Meditation Classes

45 minutes

Classes begin with 5 minutes of mindful movement and stretching to calm the mind and body and settle into the practice. We’ll continue with a 30-minute guided meditation diving into topics surrounding stress relief, anxiety, gratitude, productivity, self-image, kindness, self-compassion, forgiveness, and more. Each session will close with the remaining time open to your needs so you can allow your mind and body to come out of the meditation as you please.

Props, yoga mats, blankets, and cushions are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own for in-person sessions.

Class offered: Sunday 3:00-3:45 | Friday 4:00-4:45

Mindful Journaling and Visioning Sessions

45 minutes

Sessions begin with 5 minutes of mindful movement to settle into a place of gratitude. We will continue by setting intentions and following short journaling prompts focusing on visioning, reflection, perspective, purpose, gratitude, and more. The session will close with a short 5-minute meditation based on breathwork and the intentions set at the beginning of the class.

You are encouraged to bring your own journal, but notepads and creative accessories will be available for in-person sessions.

Class offered: Tuesday 12:00-12:45

Unguided Open Studio

30 minutes

Have you been doing everything remotely, are a parent needing some quiet time out of the house, or are stuck in an office all day? Open studio sessions are intended for those who are comfortable practicing meditation on their own, without guided prompts, and would like to enjoy the calming atmosphere of the studio. Soft music, relaxing scents, and professional meditation equipment will be available during these sessions.

Other items available for mindfulness and intention-setting during open sessions:

  • Mala beads
  • Crystal sets
  • Oracle card sets
  • Daily affirmation cards

Class offered: Friday 12:00-12:30, 12:30-1:00 | Sunday 2:30-3:00

Mindfulness Coaching

3-5 session package, 30 minutes each

These are 1:1 individual consultations, with both in-person and online options. Prior to your first session, you will indicate the areas you are most interested in working on. Topics can include, but are not limited to, mindset, goal setting, habit tracking, creating routines, daily mindfulness, or productivity.

Each coaching session is 30 minutes, purchased in packages of three sessions or more. Coaching packages include a personalized digital workbook to help you focus on your exact needs, goals, and intentions.

Appointments available: Monday and Wednesday evenings, 7:00-09:00