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How to Feel Like You’re More Successful

Creating a positive mindset around celebrating small tasks leads to feeling more successful and is essential for staying motivated and on track towards achieving your goals or intentions. Never forget that finishing small tasks, even completely unrelated tasks, can help you build momentum and give you a sense of success. In return you're more likely to stay focused and motivated in the long run. Creating a positive mindset benefits your daily...
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How To Set Powerful Intentions For This Month

I am feeling an epic shift right now. An absolutely transformative shift in myself, and this mindfulness community. I felt it while in a deep meditation this morning. The meditation was lead by Tara Brach, a wonderful teacher and meditation mentor to me. In the guided session she said you can restart. You can restart this meditation. You can restart your life. And ooof, I felt that, and I started to cry.  The podcast this week is an...

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