Building Your Confidence

Learn how to build confidence through acknowledging the skills you already have. You already have everything within you. Let's do this together!

Sometimes we forget that the things we do on a daily basis are really cool. We just think “meh, that’s what I’m supposed to do”. But is it? You have really cool skills that not everyone has, and it’s time you acknowledge that!

Let’s do more of noticing the things we do that come naturally to us. This week, I want you to write down 5 things you notice yourself doing that feel easy to you and you find yourself enjoying. Those things are special to you and your personality. It’s all YOU!

Then let your confidence shine each time you’re doing those things. Whether you’re great at organizing, are stellar with numbers and creating a household spreadsheet would rock your world, like planning themed meals, or maybe you can read fast and fly through a book in one sitting. Whatever it is, love it, enjoy it, and add your own flair to it.

“Take time to actually be present and enjoy the things you are good at and others will begin to notice your confidence too.”

Beth Backes, Mindfulness Coach

Now go listen to the podcast, because I am honored to share this confidence booster meditation with you. I believe in you, and believe in the positive vibes that have brought us together.

7. Celebrate Yourself Mindful Actions

About The Author

Mindful Actions by Beth Backes

I help women begin their mindfulness journey through daily intentions & gratitude. Together, we’ll identify the joy and confidence you’ve always had within you and let it shine. Host of Mindful Actions Podcast.

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