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15 Essential Affirmations to Create a Life of Self-Love

Some people think that positive affirmations are totally bogus and a waste of time. I say, it all depends on the circumstances and how you use them. If you struggle with decision making and lack confidence, mindfulness, positive self-talk, and guided meditation can be powerful tools to help you gain clarity and focus. But you have to set yourself up for success. A simple positive quote hanging on your wall just isn’t going to cut it.

If you find yourself struggling with negative thoughts, remind yourself that you have the power to change them. Sometimes it can feel like nothing can go right. That your life just isn’t that fun or interesting. And that’s ok. You’re allowed to feel the ups and downs of life. Mindfulness, meditation, and doing the inner-work to create self-confidence and self-love is a HARD process. One of the most important things to remember, though, is to not create an environment for toxic positivity.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: You are not trying to “trick” yourself into being happy.

So instead of forcing positivity on yourself, focus on affirming your positive qualities and strengths. Remind yourself of the good things. There is always a good thing hidden in there somewhere. And even if you’re having trouble identifying a “good” thing, simply remind yourself of the life you deserve to live. Repeat phrases such as “I am capable,” “I trust myself,” and “I believe in my abilities.” With practice, positive affirmations can help you build self-confidence and achieve your goals.

Believe it and you will be it

This is one of my personal favorite mantras. If you BELIEVE you deserve a good life, you’ll begin to notice more good things in your life. If you BELIEVE you will get past this downward spiral, you will get out of it. It may not be today. It may not be tomorrow. But one simple affirmation, repeated daily, will gradually change your mindset and your life.

Remember to be patient and gentle with yourself as you begin incorporating positive affirmations into your daily routine. It can take time to retrain your brain and shift your mindset, but with consistent practice and dedication, you will begin to see positive changes in your life. Try incorporating one or two affirmations into your morning routine or writing them down in a journal before bed. Over time, you can add more affirmations and tailor them to your specific needs and goals. Keep believing in yourself and your abilities, and know that you are worthy of love and respect.

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15 Self-Love Affirmations To Build The Life You Want

1. I witness the power of my own mind, and recognize my potential.

2. I see myself as confident, successful and capable.

3. I believe in myself and my own abilities to make an impact in the world.

4. I let go of all fear and doubt, and embrace a positive mindset.

5. I let my inner strength and power shine through.

6. I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

7. I take action towards my goals with confidence and clarity.

8. I am capable, resourceful and strong.

9. I take pride in my accomplishments and learn from my mistakes.

10. I trust myself to make the right decisions for my life and future.

11. I trust my intuition and inner wisdom.

12. I am capable of making decisions with confidence.

13. I believe in myself and my abilities.

14. I am worthy of love and respect, including from myself.

15.I choose to focus on the positive and believe in a bright future for myself.

Setting Up Your Self-Love Practice

If you want to get a jump-start on your practice, head over to my YouTube channel and immerse yourself in one of my soothing meditations for beginners. They are sure to help turn your day around.


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  1. I appreciated this reminder to self-affirm. Thanks for these affirmations!💕

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