A glass of water can change your life.

Living the Hydrated Life

Drinking water was engrained in my life at an early age. From ages 14-19, the only beverages I drank were water and diet peach Snapple. Where are my fellow people who used to think drinking diet sweetened “tea” was healthy?!?!? Ditto. My drinks of choice have expanded over the past 20 years (re: coffee, beer & wine!), but my hydration motivation dwindled.

Reasons To Work On Hydration

Since becoming pregnant with my 2nd in 2019, I worked really hard to bring my water consumption back up. I drink my 8-9 cups every single day now. I’ll be honest that it’s been a lot easier working from home because I always have water available. There’s no planning ahead to make sure I have accessible refills like at the office. But there are two really noticeable differences in my body since improving this habit.

My number one piece of advice in my heart-health journey is to be hydrated. Water is the most important factor in my nutrition plan and has changed my life in 2 ways. See what water can do for you!

My Heart Rate Decreases

Thanks to smartwatches and being in-tune with my body, I know exactly when I haven’t had enough water. My heart rate is increased. I know my norm rate for the average daily routine, and if I feel a little off, the first thing I check is how much water I’ve had that day. 9 times out of 10, that’s the case, and it almost immediately goes back to normal after I sit and half a glass or two.

I Start the Day off Right

I feel so much better in the mornings! My mind and body have done a complete 180. I used to often get headachy and nauseous if I didn’t eat anything, and it would stick around most of the morning. But now, I wake up feeling good, focused, and as energized as possible (from interrupted sleep with a teething 12-month-old). This has been a game changer for setting the tone for the rest of my day, and I am here for it.

Being a morning person is not in my blood, but it’s becoming more enjoyable the more I focus on myself and my health. I’m also more present and patient with my 1-year-old on the days she wakes me up before my alarm. Gone are the days that I give my child the side-eye while wishing I was still in bed, and instead, I have a simple glass of water to thank for me being a better mom.

What do you notice about how you feel when you’re properly hydrated?

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