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Introverts and Extroverts: How to work better together

The weekends are fun, especially in the spring and summer, but man, I am so glad for Monday to come along where I can sit by myself and just quietly get my work done. I’m an introvert surrounded by a family of extroverts. It’s exhausting! I actually see the work week as an opportunity to recharge from the weekend. Anybody else live this backwards life? 

It’s important to notice this balance. We need to experience the opposite side of the spectrum so we can actually appreciate it when the good things happen. If I just sat at home all day, like my introvert mindset would prefer, I wouldn’t appreciate quiet time when I actually do get it. It would just be the same mundane thing day after day. And that’s not fun. 

So I’ve been on a mission through my mindfulness journey to help introverts and extroverts use their strengths to work better together.

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First things first, if you are mindful of where the other person is coming from you can work to balance each other out. What does that mean? Simple tasks paired with being present. Make you’re both sides are taking turns being the talker and the listener. And it’s also helpful to tune in to when you are both feeling good. Those would be the best times to collaborate and work together, or talk about something important.

But, then, as you both feel your energy draining and you’re starting to feel unbalanced, acknowledge that maybe it’s time for you each to go do your own thing for a few minutes and come back to it later.

These mindfulness skills are great to incorporate into the workplace, a relationship, or even parenting.

And before you do so, go take a listen to this weeks podcast on how mindfulness can help how we communicate as introverts and extroverts. It’s all in the circle of life.

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