Identifying and Honoring your Intentions and Routines

I’m curious about if/how you identify the mindset, intentions, and actions that encompass your daily routines. When journaling, I write out my plan every day. I start and end every day the same. It’s my routine, it’s my ritual. It’s how I treat my body and mind, so yeah, it’s kinda important to me… IfContinue reading “Identifying and Honoring your Intentions and Routines”

How To Take a Proper Rest Day When You’re Stressed

When you search for self-care quotes, you’ll often see something along the lines of this: It’s ok if all you do today is rest. I have many thoughts about this. To be blunt, I don’t like this mentality. It’s quite misguided. Sure, we all deserve, and need, a break sometimes. A day where we totallyContinue reading “How To Take a Proper Rest Day When You’re Stressed”

The Confidentiality of Journaling and Trusting Others With Your Thoughts

Do you journal? Do you have a place you write down thoughts or reminders? I’ve had various ways I’ve jotted things down over the years. Sometimes it’s been digital notes on my phone, sometimes it’s been a notebook, and sometimes it’s a beautiful goal-oriented expensive AF journal that lays out all of my hopes andContinue reading “The Confidentiality of Journaling and Trusting Others With Your Thoughts”

5 Ways I Practice Being Mindful While On-The-Go

The list is simple. Basically, whenever I have a little quiet time so I can reflect on the present moment. Doctors office waiting rooms Midnight nursing sessions Picking up groceries Folding laundry In the shower Blocking out time for meditation is great, and I highly recommend it, but practicing mindfulness throughout the day is justContinue reading “5 Ways I Practice Being Mindful While On-The-Go”

Podcast: Navigating Your Career Journey as a Working Mom

Hello, hello! I have some exciting news! I was a guest on the Career Mom Community Podcast with Debranetta Howard, and we had a great discussion on finding passion in your career, creating boundaries, and changing career direction. So many of us working moms have made transitions in our careers. My path, for instance, wentContinue reading “Podcast: Navigating Your Career Journey as a Working Mom”

How to Keep Your Body Active During the Work Day

You have good intentions to work out, but you’re a working mom so your morning workout is never guaranteed. Or your afternoon workout. Or your evening workout. I talk about fitting in spurts of activity throughout the day in my post How to Workout When you don’t have Time to Workout, but today we’re goingContinue reading “How to Keep Your Body Active During the Work Day”

Hydration Pro-Tip: Lemon Water Ice Cubes

I have another hydration hack for you that I’m super excited to share. Problem: You know a glass of lemon water is one of the best things for you first thing in the morning but you don’t have the time, energy, or brain function to cut and squeeze a lemon before your coffee. You’ve alsoContinue reading “Hydration Pro-Tip: Lemon Water Ice Cubes”

Dealing With Working Mom Guilt When A Child Gets Sick

My family has been battling germs for a few weeks now and we just can’t kick it. As soon as one person gets better, another gets sick. Last week, my youngest was sent home from daycare on Thursday afternoon, and the first thoughts that flooded my brain were all about mom guilt and blaming myself.Continue reading “Dealing With Working Mom Guilt When A Child Gets Sick”

How Staying off Social Media Has Improved My Mindset on Weekends

Most of the time, I practice unplugging and staying off social media on weekends. Scrolling Instagram does not equal worthwhile self-care time. Especially if you use it as part of your job or business. Your mind never takes a break and it makes it even harder to separate yourself from work mode. Ultimately, it’s notContinue reading “How Staying off Social Media Has Improved My Mindset on Weekends”

Dry July: Why I’m Swapping Alcohol for Water this Summer

Unpopular opinion: I started the “Go Dry In July” challenge. I follow a few heart health organizations on social media who have been promoting this, and I’m hopping on board. For on thing, I am so over the “mom needs a drink” culture. Mom doesn’t need a drink. Mom needs to hydrate and eat healthyContinue reading “Dry July: Why I’m Swapping Alcohol for Water this Summer”

Why I’m Taking a Mental Health Break from my Smartwatch

Too much of a good thing can still be unhealthy. Just like obsessing over food, nutrition, or fitness can cause burnout, so can the little things we think are helping us. I was sick recently with a sinus infection, and I knew my body was working extra hard to kick the cold to the curb.Continue reading “Why I’m Taking a Mental Health Break from my Smartwatch”

Identifying Areas in your Life To Focus on Self-Care

What is an unexpected way you find yourself practicing self-care? For me, it’s paying attention to the out-of-the-ordinary aches and pains of my body. We put a lot of strain on our bodies through pregnancy and keeping up with toddlers. I believe I’m referred to as a geriatric millennial, and honestly, I get it. I’mContinue reading “Identifying Areas in your Life To Focus on Self-Care”

How to Rehydrate After a Day in the Sun

We drink a lot of water over here. But even so, it’s still not enough to keep up with the summer heat. In our house, we call this the sunshine hangover. Last weekend we spent most of the time outside playing hard. We lathered up the sunscreen multiple times, made sure to drink our waterContinue reading “How to Rehydrate After a Day in the Sun”

How Personal Growth Helped Me Find My Ideal Workout

You know that feeling when you realize you’re doing a task with ease that used to be extremely hard for you? I had that experience this week while working out. I used to hate planks. I always felt weak and shaky, and there was no way I could even attempt plank jacks or other variationsContinue reading “How Personal Growth Helped Me Find My Ideal Workout”

The Perfectly Balanced Snack

I am constantly learning new life skills/hacks from my kids’ daycare. One thing in particular from this year are the snacking requirements that I’ve now adapted into my own life too. Protein + Veggie + Fruit + Grain At daycare, meals and snacks must include a protein, veggie, fruit, and grain. In other words, IContinue reading “The Perfectly Balanced Snack”

My Favorite Relaxation Technique

Legs up the wall — the easiest way to relax and replenish, even with the kids running around. My heart rate and blood pressure immediately lower whenever I get into position, and I can just feel the tension melt away. This position originates from a yoga pose called Viparita Karan. I love restorative yoga andContinue reading “My Favorite Relaxation Technique”

Living the Hydrated Life

Drinking water was engrained in my life at an early age. From ages 14-19, the only beverages I drank were water and diet peach Snapple. Where are my fellow people who used to think drinking diet sweetened “tea” was healthy?!?!? Ditto. My drinks of choice have expanded over the past 20 years (re: coffee, beerContinue reading “Living the Hydrated Life”

The Best Time of Day to Eat

Whenever, wherever. This is a habit that has been hard for me to break. It’s a well-known fact that parenting and work schedules don’t always allow us to eat when we want to, but there are always a few adjustments we have the freedom to make. You don’t have to eat at 12:00 just becauseContinue reading “The Best Time of Day to Eat”