Acknowledging Holidays in your Social Media Strategy

When I started writing the post on tweeting responsibly during world events, it was in response to emotions following the Manchester attack. But then we got into Memorial Day weekend and I also began reflecting on the relevance of holidays on social media, and now here we are quickly approaching the 4th of July. There are some important do’s and don’ts if you, or your brand, chooses to post messages on holidays. Knowing these tips will give you a huge advantage on days where people are posting more than normal. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t fully understand the impact holiday postings can have on your followers, your brand, and your online community.

social media posting strategies for the holidays to connect you with your followers

1. Use analytics and insights to better understand your audience and followers. What holidays do they celebrate? Where do they live? Would it be beneficial to not just stick with the Christian and American holidays?

2. Know what the day represents! One of my biggest pet peeves is when people mix up Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Memorial Day is to honor those who have died while serving in the armed forces. Veterans Day is to celebrate those who have served in the armed forces. While people have good intentions, and it doesn’t seem like there’s a big difference in meaning, it’s enough that we should honor those men and women properly, instead of focusing on what’s going to be plopped down on the grill later. You will gain more trust from your followers if you are genuinely interested in the holiday, rather than posting as an uninformed spectator.

3. Is the holiday a day of remembrance or a day of celebration? Whichever it is, keep the proper tone prominent in your posts — {see my caution about posting on 9/11 in my previous post}. Don’t offer a big cheesy promotion in “celebration” of 9/11. You’ll get dinged pretty badly for that one on social media.

4. Use authentic and real content, and pre-schedule it so you don’t have the pressure to post in between parties. Don’t just find a gaudy gif of an American flag or Easter Egg. Create your own visuals, share a story or memory about the holiday, and use creative hashtags (#holidaycheer instead of #MerryChristmas). You’ll get more views and more engagement. It’s a win-win!

Don't isolate your followers by being biased in your holiday posts. Here are 4 simple strategies to help you connect with your followers year-round, but especially on holidays.

4 simple strategies to help you connect with your followers year-round and on holidays

Celebrating holidays is an exciting and special time, and if you have a plan and are smart about it, you’ll be in a good place to continue to grow in the eyes of your followers. And just for fun, here’s a complete calendar of hashtag holidays you can always get on board with too…I’m somewhat partial to #CheeseLoversDay on January 20th, how bout you? Blog Signature

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